The archive of Europe and UK's most-established open-air Shakespeare touring theatre company.

They performed:

OUTDOOR SHAKESPEARE, using natural backdrops of historic and beautiful sites, PERFORMANCES CONTINUING REGARDLESS OF WEATHER. The most enjoyable summer open-air theatre.

SHAKESPEARE IN THEATRES OF ALL SIZES AND ARTS CENTRES with a minimalist set which can be transported in a small case.

SHAKESPEARE IN FESTIVALS. Their 1997 production of TWELFTH NIGHT representing the U.K. in the International Theatre Festival MES-Sarajevo '97.

The company, based in North London, was established in a regular circuit of venues in the U.K. since 1976 and in mainland Europe since 1993.

They had the ability to transport all costumes and properties in cases, which could travel as overweight luggage with the eight company members on airplanes to venues not readily accessible by road. Otherwise they toured the production in a minibus and car.

THE ESOTERIC IN SHAKESPEARE: The plays were produced in the light of their secret meanings, researched at the Shakespeare Institute of The University of Birmingham, by Dr. Wendy Macphee in her degree of Doctor of Philosophy. This material was made available to audiences through the plays' programme notes and clarified any obscurities in the text for the actors in the preparation of their roles.

The plays were directed and designed from the internal evidence of the text and are thus free of gimmickry. The productions had a 30-year old reputation for being clear, light, easy-to-understand and accessible to a wide range of people of all age groups, including those whose first language is not English.

The company was a registered charity, all its administration and many of its functions being done charitably by its directors. The financial arrangements, depending on the venues' natures and locations, were negotiated by the directors. The company had an integrated casting policy.

The International Professional Shakespearean Theatre Company THEATRE SET-UP performed the plays of SHAKESPEARE with the same minimalist set-up of cast and setting as Shakespeare's own company, The King's Men. The plays were presented with eight company members (eight actors including company/stage manager) in full period costume and with minimal but appropriate properties, each summer from May to September.

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